Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week ending March 25: Terrapin Mountain 50K, and 76-1

Mon 3/19  2 miles. This week I’ll run 2 miles every day resting for Terrapin. I guess that’s tapering.
Tue 3/20  2 miles
Wed 3/21  2 miles. Finally a different loop.
Thu 3/22  2 miles. Again, a different loop. 
Fri 2/23  2 miles, and the drive to Big Island, Virginia.
Pinning my number to my Team Fox jersey,
with Terrapin Mountain in the background.
Sat 3/24  31 miles, Terrapin Mountain 50K, 5:45:06. A rainy, sometimes muddy, and I guess a little bloody day. I didn’t feel good until the last ten or so miles, though I never felt bad, and had fun all day long. Finished in a 50K PR (on the toughest course I’ve run). Somehow--and let’s just call it “training”--I run this course well. According to the splits, I improved my place at every aid station--sounds like a smart race to me. Full race report will follow.
Spent Saturday night at the Hotel Roanoke right across the railroad tracks from downtown. C and I walked around the cool City Market area a little in the rain, had dinner, and watched basketball. Fantastic weekend.
Sun 3/25 I said when I started this streak that I was only after fitness and the discipline, and I succeeded at both, as shown by yesterday’s race. I ran 7:10 per mile pace the last mile and a half, mostly run on pavement. I’ve been training hard to run fast down hills, especially when tired. That training paid off for sure. The soreness in my quads shows how hard I ran, especially the 7560’ of downhill. So today’s workout was walking to breakfast at another downtown Roanoke eatery, driving home from Roanoke, and going to the grocery store. 
To give myself the same accountability as a streak, though, I’m starting a tally of days on and days off, in this case since my streak started on January 9. So I’m at 76-1.

Total: 41 miles in 6 runs

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