Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week ending December 18

Tuesday 5 miles on Cottonwood 
Wednesday Car breaks down in rough neighborhood. By the time I get it towed it’s time to pick Quinn up at dance.

Thursday 7 miles at Croft Felt really dead-legged, which does not bode well given the lack of running the past two weeks. I bought some “adrenal caps” to see if the solution to this summer’s weakness works here.

Friday Turned around after 5 minutes of my run today. Yipes.

Saturday Volunteered at the SPACE Jingle Bell 5K. The course is almost entirely on the Cottonwood Trail, one of my favorite places ever. SPACE is a great organization that does good work in Spartanburg County (so I, a board member, say…). Spent the afternoon Christmas shopping with my offspring.

Sunday Felt like do-do. Thought I’d listen to my body, but proceeded to beat myself up for the rest of the day. Not even shopping with my young’uns could pull me out of this one (well, not completely).

Total 12 miles

Sometimes, well, you know, sometimes you’re lazy, and sometimes you’re not feeling great. Sometimes you go anyway, and have a great run, and sometimes you go anyway, and it sucks. I’ve said that running—the habit, not the act—has been my way of fending off laziness for the past 28 years. This week I worried that if I started, I was just going to turn around anyway. So I packed it in, spent the day with my kids, didn’t think about running…much.

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