Monday, December 17, 2012

Weeks 26, 27, 28, 29: Last Chance 50K

Week ending November 27

Wed 11/21  8 1/2 miles at Croft. I haven’t been on the Chapters in some time, and it was great to get back out there. I stayed very slow on purpose, knowing that getting the socks at the Turkey Day 8K was getting harder, and they’re only going 75 deep this year.

from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to the Chapters to Palmetto  

Thu 11/22  9 miles, including the Turkey Day 8k (4.78 miles this year).

Fri 11/23  2 miles

Sat 11/24 5 miles. This run left me nervous about a sore Achilles and generally sore legs.

Sun 11/25 0. 

Total 23 1/2 miles in 4 runs

Week ending December 2

Fri 11/31  4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot

November totals: 70 miles in 11 runs (missing one week, ending November 19)
Year-to-date: 1314 miles in 210 runs

Sat 12/1  4 miles on Cottonwood. Still felt sore, especially in my right Achilles.

Sun 12/2  18 miles at Croft. Phew! The last opportunity I’d have to run long before the Last Chance 50K. Ran 1 lap early enough to meet Ben at the parking lot for another lap. I probably ran too hard showing Ben the trails, which he didn’t know well. I thought I’d run 20, but felt good about cutting it a little short. This one gave me a little burst of confidence.

from Southside: First loop: Southside Loop Trail; 2nd loop: Fern Gully to Southside Loop to Rock Creek to Centerline

Total 22 miles in 2 runs

Week ending December 9 

Wed 12/5 4 miles on Cottonwood.

Thu 12/6 4 miles on Cottonwood.

I didn’t run at all on the weekend, which is the traditional Nutcracker weekend. With Q in his 7th performance, this time as the Nutcracker himself, and my mom and nephew coming into town, there was now way I was going to go running more than a few miles around the neighborhood. I didn’t run a step.

Not actually Quinn's part, but an amazing
dress rehearsal photo.
credit: Spartanburg Herald Journal

Total 8 miles in two runs.

Week ending December 16

Wed 12/12  3 miles at Myrtle Beach. I felt like crap. Dead legged, sore, cold, wet--just not a good run. Shook it off.

Thu 12/13  5 miles at Myrtle Beach. A fun run from Black Dog Running Shop in downtown Myrtle Beach. We ran from the store down to Ocean Boulevard, past the location of the old Pavilion (the “no-villion,” C called it) and up past the Gay Dolphin, a ferris wheel, lots of lights and kitsch. Good shakeout and a little confidence builder.

Sat 12/15  31 miles (Last Chance 50K): 5:01:36 (PR). Report coming soon.

Total 39 miles in three runs

Another version of this song that I sang through the Last Chance 50K.

"He shook it like a holy roller, baby, with his soul at stake."

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