Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week Five, ending July 1

Week Five, ending July 1
Tue 6/26  4 miles, including two miles barefoot. I ran to the practice fields, which were closed--I’m always a little afraid to cross yellow tape, mostly for fear of pesticides they no doubt use. I ran on the game field, a really nice fake turf that was a little more slippery, at least in my socks, than I thought it would be. 
Fri 6/29  6 miles at Croft with Mackay and Carroll.  I felt like crap at 6 am, but was glad to run with two of my favorite people.
Running and talking with Mackay, November 2011
from Southside: Southside Loop clockwise to Centerline 
With high temperatures around 104 degrees, and about 75 in the morning (not so bad, really), I opted not to run at all over the weekend. Saturday, I did some yard work (I have a yard?), and hunkered down in the later afternoon. Sunday we went to visit Q at camp in Greenville, and had lunch with a boy growing to be a man. 
This is exactly what the rest in the summer is meant for, when it’s hot and humid and draining. I’m banking on the rest now allowing for the hard training of the winter and spring. 
June totals  65 1/2 miles in 14 runs (14/16)
Year-to-date:  919 miles in 145 runs
Given the circumstances, none of this matters at all. And it can’t stay this hot all summer, can it?

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