Monday, November 12, 2012

Week 24: Camp Croft Half Marathon

Wed 11/7 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot. Again, I had only one of two fields. Plugged through eleven laps for about 2 miles.

Thu 11/8 7 miles at Croft, at night with Bristol. A great midweek run before a race: the dark kept me pretty slow. I really like these dark-time runs.

from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Lake Johnson Connector to Palmetto.

Sat 11/9 15 1/2, including the Camp Croft Half Marathon. Another fun day in the woods

Sun 11/11 2 miles. I decided to start a new streak, to run every day until the Last Chance 50K on December 15. I may continue to streak after that, but we’ll see. I like the streak for what it does for me physically: last spring I wasn’t sore, I didn’t hobble at all, and the everyday running really gave me a huge confidence boost. Today I wobbled around the neighborhood after yard work.

Total  28 1/2 in four runs

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