Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week ending January 15: Seven days straight

Monday 1/9 3 miles easy on Cottonwood. What, running on a Monday? Must be Armagideon time.

Tuesday 1/10 5 miles on Cottonwood

Wednesday 1/11 7 miles at Croft: night run.

Thursday 1/12 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot at the high school

Friday 1/13 5 miles on Cottonwood

Saturday 1/14 16 miles at Croft with Bristol the Enduro-Dog

Sunday 1/15 6 miles on Cottonwood including 2 miles barefoot at the high school

Total 46 miles in seven runs

My experiment with every-day running went well this week. I’ve felt especially loose every day, and my motivation is high. As I mentioned, the easy days are provoking me to run drills more, which will no doubt strengthen my running.

But when you add more than one thing to a routine, it’s harder to figure out which one has made the difference. I ran easy barefoot a couple of times this week, which always makes my legs feel better. I ran every day for the first time in years, and maybe that loosens me, too. But I know at least part of it is from this thing:

I'm trying to use it every day.

I kept most of these runs fairly easy, maintaining some recovery from last weekend.

I never listen to music when I run. It’s always messed up my sense of rhythm and pacing, and I fear I’ll miss something in the woods, like what seemed to be a black deer, or any of the other seven or eight deer I saw yesterday. However, I do sing most of the way, and this was the song in my head for a couple of runs this week.

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