Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 23: Hometown Visit

Wed 10/31  4 miles on Cottonwood

October totals 83  miles in 12 runs
Year-to-date  1244 1/2 in 199 runs

Thu 11/1 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot 

Fri 11/2 9 miles, including the KT Darkness Falls trail race. This was a really fun race, and it worked great for my schedule. I drove up to see my mom, six hours of seat time. I arrived there about 4, and had a couple of hours before I drove the fifteen minutes from my mom’s place to the race.

Sat 11/3  Marshall game with my mom. Absolutely the highlight of the trip. We greeted lots of folks in the tailgating area, lots of them making sure to speak to my mother. We sat in my parents regular seats for a while, behind the chief of police sitting with his dad who was my high school baseball coach.

The view from the boxes
We moved to the boxes after the first quarter or so. Again, I appreciated how much attention friends there paid my mother.  She is something of the matriarch now, I guess, and due deference was given. Don't doubt that it was received graciously.

Marshall did their darndest to lose the game, but the time I spent with my friend of 45 years Rob and his dad Bos, both television news anchors in my hometown, meant a lot to me. Bos is charming and avuncular, with a memory stocked with all the greatest moments of Rob’s and my childhoods (not to mention the history of television news from its beginning). Rob and I have known each other so long and done so many things together we are like brothers, and time away does not diminish our friendship.   

Sun 11/4  5 miles in Huntington. This is a route I’ve run so many times before, passing the houses that friends used to live in and enjoying the rather miraculous Ritter Park. That place is legend in our family, the site of much carousing, playing, running, carousing, carousing, and, yeah. Drove home after a really remarkable weekend. 

Total: 22 miles in 4 runs

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