Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week ending February 5: 28 days

 Less than a mile to
Cottonwood Trail.
Mon 1/30 3 miles Speaking of not getting too hasty, I was remarkably dead-legged today. I could have run more than the three miles I did, but there didn’t seem to be much reason. The second day after a long run has been harder than the day after.

Tue 1/31 3 miles  PAL staff spin class this morning with my colleague Melissa got me a good sweat. Apparently it also got me a good workout: I felt pretty happy to only be running three miles today.

January total: 186 miles in 24 runs

Wed 2/1 7 miles at Croft Felt fast and strong. I must have been running almost as fast as Geoff Roes at Mile 80 of Western States... This run and its 8 1/2 mile cousin were standards leading up to last year's Terrapin Mountain race. Both involve a series of fairly long climbs in the first half or so, followed by three miles of mostly flat and downhill smooth trail. The run is excellent for leg turnover with just a little fatigue in them from the hills of the first sections. 

Thu 2/2 5 miles at Cottonwood. Another good run in the dark, with no light on the trail. Quicker pace, but I was still late for ukulele practice.

Fri 2/3 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot. Friday evening lights on the fields at the high school, but no one around.

Sat 2/4 4 miles easy on Cottonwood

Sun 2/5 7 miles at Croft. Felt tired legged, and unmotivated despite the stunning weather. I reminded myself of the piles of training plans I’ve seen that call for increasing mileage and effort for three weeks, then taking a down week. My body remembered, I guess. Bristol and I bushwhacked along the lake shore for a while, then doubled back. My head told me to go spend Super Bowl Sunday with my Gorgeous.

Total 33 miles in 7 runs

No motivation problems getting out at all. I feel like the consistency has been good for me physically for more than just fitness. In the past, I’ve felt sore every morning, taking some time to stumble around like an old man. Though it seems somehow a little counterintuitive, I wake up without foot pain, or sore quads or calves. My balance is better, especially putting on pants first thing in the morning. I’m not sure if I’ve tripped on the stairs.

I added two or three more runs to my week, and 10-15 miles a week, without building up to it at all. I’ve been able to pay (had to pay?) more attention to recovery runs, and the frequent barefoot running has to be part of the improvements in balance. I think the daily shake out leaves me feeling fresh, somehow; I feel certain there’s a physiological explanation.

I had this song stuck in my head during Sunday's run. I guess I didn't get all the bad thoughts out.

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