Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week ending January 29: 21 Days

Mon 1/23 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot 
Tue 1/24 5 miles on Cottonwood
Wed 1/25 8 1/2 at Croft. I have in general been running a little scared the last couple of weeks, afraid I’m going to collapse if I press the pace too much. Today, I just kept pressing harder through the hills of one of my favorite trails. 
Thu 1/26 3 miles easy. I felt yesterday’s pace, but I’m really loving the recovery runs. When I was running four or five days a week, I felt like everything had to be hard. With seven days, I’m able to focus on the recovery runs more, which seems to be working for me physically and mentally.
Fri 1/27 3 miles. Felt much better than yesterday, but in preparation for a long run on Saturday, I took it short and easy.
Sat 1/28 22 miles at Southside: I ran a 12 mile loop (same as last Sunday), followed by a ten-mile loop after a five-or-so minute stop at the car. I’m still nervous about pressing, especially early. I did push a few sections harder on the second loop, and felt good about my pace up the short, steep climbs that are so frequent at Southside. 
When I got home, I was pretty whooped. For the first time, Bristol the Enduro-Dog hobbled around, I guess expected after his distance PR, but it scares me some. He’d go with me until he breaks, I think. He never acted hurt or hobbled while running, but then I guess I didn’t either. I’ll be anxious to see how he recovers.
Sun 1/29 4 1/2 miles, including 2 miles barefoot  Woke up this morning with no muscle soreness at all. Even Bristol seemed to wake up feeling good (phew!). I let him rest, though, and ran by myself down to the fields (with a little add on to make sure I got to fifty miles this week) for some barefoot running. My legs are fatigued, but I feel good about my fitness right now. I remind myself not to get too hasty about hard training, and let the effort build more than the mileage.
Total 50 miles in seven runs

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