Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 38: Remember Snow?

Tue 2/12  4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot

Wed 2/13  7 miles at Croft. I want to get this run and its cousin 8 1/2 mile run in every week. Like last week when I had to, I ran faster than usual. This week I took a light, and felt good about the practice lifting my feet, moving them quickly up and downhill. This has been a key part of my training the past couple of years. In April I’d like to make it a little longer.

from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Lake Johnson Connector to Palmetto

Thu 2/14 3 miles easy

Sat 2/16  6 miles at Southside. I had planned to run long with Scott, but he backed out at the last minute, and I wasn’t sorry. It was cold and rainy, and the weather report said Sunday would be sunny. I waited until the afternoon to run, hoping the rain would turn to snow. On the way home from Croft, it started snowing huge flakes. In the ten minutes it took me to drive home after it started, there was a good inch on the ground. That’s big for us, and the first snow in a couple of years.

from Southside: Fern Gully to Southside Loop to Flat Pass to Southside Loop to Centerline

Sun 2/17  21 miles at Croft. A beautiful day--clear blue sky, cold, snow on the trees and around. Bristol and I headed out about 9:45. There wasn’t enough snow to cover the trail in spots, and someone else had been hiking already, it looked like probably on Saturday. Once we hit the Chapters, though, we had about 5 1/2 miles of untracked snow until we got to the Lake Johnson Connector. The horses really leave huge mud-holes, and much of that trail is perpetually wet. Today it was sloppy and slick. 

Soon the mud got tiresome. After another 3 miles or so I took the little cutover to the Boy Scout hut and the Lake Trail. By now the day had warmed above freezing, and it got sloppier, especially once I got back onto Palmetto for the last three miles. 

I didn’t feel great at any point during the run. My legs seemed heavy and I was slow, but the day was stunning, and I just kept taking turns to add more miles. My spirits were high, and I just kept thinking about time on my feet. I figure I’ll run between 8 and 10 hours at Ice Age--that’s a long time. I won’t run that l long before then, so I’m starting to get nervous. 

from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to the Chapters to TC’s to the little lake trail to Lake Johnson Connector to Foster’s Mill Loop to the cutover to Beech Glen to the Lake Trail to McFadden up to Hensington to Palmetto 

Total: 41 miles in five runs

Bristol on the Palmetto Trail: not enough snow to cover it.

Fresh tracks.

My biologist friend Ben says beech trees are a sign
of a mature forest, the last to come in the succession. 
Because they hold onto their leaves until the 
new ones push them off in the spring, they
stand out in the woods.

I carried potato chips for the first time (in the specially
designed potato chip pocket). I will again without a doubt.

Most of the mud-holes were much
wider than this one, but this was the deepest.

Typical Croft terrain, a deep drainage that feeds the lakes.
Note the dry south-facing slope and the snowy north-facing slope.


  1. Ned,
    You inspire me. Keep up the running. I lost your blog for a while but am back following.


  2. Thanks, Bob--I'm glad you found your way back here. How's your running going?