Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 44: Another run to the Bench

I'm a little behind on posting.

Mon 3/25 5 miles on Cottonwood
Tue 3/26 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot
Wed 3/27 2 miles
Thu 3/28 7 miles at Croft. I thought for a while I wouldn’t get to do the mid-week run this week. I had four evening events, as usual some work and some my own fault. I squeezed this run in between work and a meeting I didn’t have to be on time for, and I was indeed a few minutes late.
from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Lake Johnson connector to Palmetto
Fri 3/29  2 miles
Sat 3/30 25.4 miles at The Bench. Another terrific day on the Foothills trail. Lots of stuff blooming, including the Oconee Bells that grow in no other area in the world. I had intended to run a bit farther today, but when I hit the Bench under my previous time, I'll admit that my competitiveness kicked in, and I decided to go for a PR. Knowing that I could crow about the "canine FKT" for Bristol again, I left the Bench in 2:55, the time it took me to get there previously, after spending about 7 minutes there refueling. According to GPS data (not mine, I'm not wasting my money on one), the 25 miles has about 5000 feet of climbing.

Steps, steps, and more steps.

This run divides nicely into parts: this is the first stop,
 Virginia Hawkins Falls.

Lots of water crossings keep Bristol hydrated.

I'm calling this one southeast trail porn.
Second stop, Laurel Creek Falls.
The Bench.

The Enduro-Dog

"Hey, man, you coming?

Back to Laurel Creek Falls.

Virginia Hawkins Falls

More spectacular trail.
Small things, blooming in patches.

The finish. Note the progressively
more salty watchband.

Sun 3/31 2 miles
Total: 47 miles in seven runs
March totals: 150 miles in 21 runs

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