Monday, April 23, 2012

Week ending April 22, with the Alabama Shakes

Mon 4/16  4 miles on Cottonwood
Tue 4/17  5 miles on Cottonwood
Wed 4/18  12 miles at Croft. Great run in the pouring rain. So yesterday it was 84 degrees and sunny; I figured it was good heat training, and that I’d pay attention to that this spring anticipating heat at Highlands Sky. Today it was 54 and raining. So much for heat training.
from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to TC’s to the little lake trail to Lake Johnson Loop to Palmetto
Thu 4/19 2 miles wobbling. After a full day, observing Q’s ballet class, meeting a friend for a beer (or two), I ran around the neighborhood.
Fri 4/20  4 miles on Cottonwood. Mountain laurel and wild roses blooming, cotton from the cottonwoods blowing.
Sat 4/21 3 miles
Sun 4/22  20 miles at Croft. One of the best runs I’ve ever had. Gordon and I set off in the chill and rain, and hit almost all the hilliest trails. I felt easy and strong the whole run. Bristol seemed to be feeling about the same. We ran a few extra steps to see if we could catch some of the mountain bike race going on at Southside. 
from the Riding Ring: Foster Mill to Boy Scout Hut and Lake to New Edition to Palmetto to TC’s to the little lake trail to the Lake back to the Boy Scout Hut and Foster Mill.
Total  50 miles in seven runs (101-11)

"I travelled a long way
And it took a long time
But I found you, I finally found you."

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