Monday, April 9, 2012

Week ending April 8

Mon 4/2  7 miles at Croft. I felt steady but still fatigued.
from Dairy Ridge: New Addition to Lake Johnson Connector to Palmetto
Tue 4/3  4 miles at Cottonwood.
Wed 4/4  A great hike with Q, who did his longest hike (6 miles, about 5 hours). We left from Graveyard Fields on the Blue Ridge Parkway and hiked 3 miles and about 1400’ up to Black Balsam Knob. The hike involved a long traverse, some serious climbs, and a little cross country through the grasses toward the top of the bald. 
As always, we laughed a lot, talked about camp and outdoors and history, stopped to eat. I thought about the difference in pace and effort when I run, and actively sought to make this one a hike. We sat at a few overlooks, and a few times just to rest. 
I felt a little pain in my IT band, and I took that to mean I should not run--another conscious effort to train smart.
Thu 4/5  A crazy day of work, family duties, and two evening presentations. Again, I chose not to run. I did ride my bike to work.
Fri 4/6 Work ride, but again, no run. On the unmotivated side, I am resting.
Sat 4/7  11 miles at Croft. Today is eleven weeks out from the Highlands Sky 40 miler. If I start my streak this coming Monday, I’ll run the Highlands Sky 40-miler on the 76th day, the same day I ran Terrapin. I’ll go for the mojo.
from Dairy Ridge: New Addition to Lake up past the pool to Hensington to Palmetto.

Sun 4/8  Spent a great day with C and her family. Starting the Highlands Sky streak tomorrow.
Total  22 miles in 3 runs

On the way up.

Approaching Black Balsam Knob

Q rarely misses the opportunity to take a dip.

Up there.

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