Friday, May 25, 2012

Fortnight ending May 20

Mon 5/7 5 miles on Cottonwood
Tue 5/8   0 miles: A visit with my Gorgeous to Urgent Care took precedence.
Wed 5/9 6.5 miles around the neighborhood.
Thu 5/10 8.5 miles at Croft.
from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to Lake Johnson Loop to Palmetto
Fri 5/11 A huge day with various work commitments, kid-driving, and getting on the road for a visit with EO and Betty. This one was special, for reasons I’ll go into in a future post. Just Q and I were able to go, so it was a man’s weekend. That much time with Q would be special no matter what. 
Sat 5/12 Running? What’s that? Showing Q around my home town, seeing my niece dance in her recital, and just generally hanging with EO and Betty centered the whole day.
EO is predictably slow, and he is driven door to door most of the time. But he’s sharp as usual in many ways. I’m glad to have seen him in person rather than talk to him on the phone. 
Sun 5/13 15 miles on the Kanawha Trace Trail. Planned through the magic of facebook, I met Gregg at the finish line of a race I dropped out of last summer. The Boy Scouts manage and maintain the Kanawha Trace Trail, and have now for 50 years. Challenged by a farmer who let them camp on her property to build trails where they didn’t have any, the Trace runs through private property and Boy Scout property and connects by a few roads, both dirt and hard pike.
It poured rain, and we hardly noticed. We talked, and ran, and hiked, and slid through the mud, and turned around a few times when we missed the trail. All these things make a great run.

Total 35 miles in 4 runs
Mon 5/14  4 miles 
Tue  5/15  6 miles around the neighborhoods. 
Wed 5/16  3 miles
Thu 5/17  8 1/2 miles at Croft. Nice and easy, with some good moments of just letting my legs turn over.
from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to Lake Johnson Loop to Palmetto
Fri 5/18  1 mile. Youch. Shouldn’t have run at all. 
Sat 5/19  10 miles at Croft with Joe Parker. Running with Joe is always fun. He’s directing another race at Croft, this one a marathon. We ran the second half-ish nice and easy and chatting.
from the riding ring: Palmetto across Fairforest Creek, right on Southside Loop through parking lot down Centerline to Lizard to Southside to Palmetto
Sun 5/20  19 miles at Croft. The best part about this run was my motivation level. I felt a little fatigue from Saturday, just what I was looking for, but I pushed reasonably hard throughout. 
Need I add that Bristol crushed these two runs, too?
from the riding ring: Lake Johnson Connector to Foster Mill to Lake Trail to that little lake trail to TC’s to Palmetto to New Edition to Lake Trail all the way to the hut to Foster Mill to Lake Johnson Connector
Total  51 1/2 miles in 7 runs
Very good week. The back-to-back days both felt easy and restrained; I’m pretty confident about Highlands Sky--confident about finishing, that is--especially knowing I have one more 25+ mile run planned with some folks in North Carolina. 

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