Monday, May 7, 2012

Fortnight ending May 6

Week ending April 29
Mon 4/23  1 mile. Only the second time I’ve done this--run one mile and called it a run. It’s a little longer, about 11 minutes. Just had to do it, so I did.
Tue 4/24  3 miles. Again, did it. That’s about all.
Wed 4/25  5 miles on Cottonwood. Felt much better, and would have run farther, but I had ukulele. Still late, of course.
Thu 4/26  5 miles on Cottonwood. Again, I felt pretty peppy. I have a big weekend planned, with 43 miles or so over three days. 
Fri 4/27  9 miles at Croft.
from Dairy Ridge: Palmetto to Lake Johnson Loop back to Palmetto
Sat 4/28  5 miles at Croft with some crazy Greenville Trail Runners. Very muddy Rocky Ridge trail good for those folks.
Sun 4/29 0 miles. A nightmare of mis-timing. At the last minute, the timing fell completely apart.
Total 27 miles in six runs

Week ending May 6
Mon 4/30  4 miles on Cottonwood
April Total 150 miles in 24 runs
Year-to-date Total 681 miles in 106 runs
Tue 5/1  7 miles at Croft. Bonked like crazy in the middle of this run. What?
Wed 5/2  4 miles on Cottonwood. Bonked again? So I play ukulele with my buds on Wednesdays. There’s a scale there, and that generally marks the only time I weigh myself. Usually, with ukulele and all, I weigh about 163. Tonight, I weighed about 152. Yipes--what am I doing? I think I’ve just been neglecting my eating, and I still haven’t been to the chiropractor after saying I need to for two weeks. 
Thu 5/3  5 miles at Croft. Bonked! I’m trying to eat more, but today I even had a massive hamstring cramp that left me hurting for a couple of days. I have to get myself back to health.
Fri 5/4 Due to a major event at work (can you say 10,000 spectators at the Downtown Criterium?) I did not run.
Sat 5/5 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot. Feeling better. Focusing on calories. According to calorie-per-day calculators, I should be eating about 3100 calories a day. I may actually start to count so I can get up that high.
Sun 5/6  6 miles on Cottonwood. I did not feel at all motivated today.
Total 30 miles in 6 runs
This has been a rough couple of weeks for my training. I remember other times when this has happened, and know that it will pass. Plenty of time for two long runs before Highlands Sky.

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