Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Two: Tapering for Highlands Sky

Mon 6/4 Off
Tue 6/5  Off. First time all year I have taken three days off in a row. I’ll also say that these were three smart days off. My toe has been sore, and swollen. I’ve been icing and resting.
Wed 6/6  5 miles on Cottonwood
Thu 6/7 3 miles
Fri 6/8  7 miles at Croft. I felt pretty crappy until I realized that it wasn’t getting worse or better. Then I felt fine.
from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Palmetto
Sat 6/9 Off. I realized that running today would make no positive difference, and could harm my toe.
Sun 6/10  13 miles at Croft. A great run with 5 or so miles of new trail that we’ve been meaning to get to. Carroll out for the first time in a while, and for the first time in even longer, Gordon, Carroll, Seth and I all ran together. Felt great passing easy miles.
from the riding ring: Foster Mill to the boy scout hut to the lake trail to New Edition out to the road and over to Garry Perry back to the riding ring
I’m nervous about next week’s run. Forty miles is one thing, 9 1/2 hours is another. I haven’t had the strong lead up I did to Terrapin. I’ll take it as it comes, and focus on drinking and eating enough during the race.
Total  28 miles in four runs

Seems appropriate somehow...

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  1. Good luck, Ned! I look forward to staying in touch with how it goes here. Sorry we didn't get more time to catch up a couple weeks ago in Chapel Hill and talk about running. Unfortunately work got in the way of that.