Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 15: New trail

Mon 9/3 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot. One of the best recovery runs I’ve had in a while. With sore quads from Saturday, and sore hamstrings from pulling weeds on Sunday I set off a little wobbly down the street. The air smelled like the sprinkling rain after an afternoon of thunderstorms. I loosened up soon enough, and decided I would run some barefoot miles on the high school fields. In the rain, and through puddly soft grass in my socks--let me tell you, it was a good day to feel good. The laps clicked off unnoticed. 

Tue 9/4 2 miles. Hmph. What a difference one day made in this case. Felt little niggles in my left IT, my right calf. My left hamstring was very tight, I think a little injury from weeding on Sunday. No, seriously.

Wed 9/5 2 1/2 miles.  A little better, but thought I shouldn’t be running.  

Thu, Fri 9/6-7  No running. 

Sat 9/8  4 1/2 miles on Cottonwood. Felt much better, easy and loose.

Sun 9/9  12 miles at Croft with Bristol.  A beautiful fall morning with temps in the mid-60s is hard to beat for a long run. Make it a new loop that includes a trail I’ve only been on once and I’m a happy camper. 

I started off running backwards on the half-marathon course, not something I’ve done often. Then after a short road section and about 6 miles into the run I turned onto a trail I’d heard of for a while and run once before. The tread is pretty obscure, and that always keeps me interested. The run ended along the larger of the two lakes, climbing up several draws to skirt the fingers of the lake.

from the riding ring: Fairforest to Lake Johnson Fairforest Connector to New Edition to the un-named trail. When you cross the camp road the trail seems to get more traffic, but I’ve never seen it on a map, and didn’t notice any blazes.  

Total 25 miles in five runs

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