Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weeks 17 - 18: Some running, Jam in the Park for Parkinson's, and Ben Sollee

Week ending September 23

Tue 9/18 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot

Wed 9/19 4 1/2 miles on Cottonwood

Thu 9/20 4 miles. Went down to Croft, but had to turn back because of the annual biological hunt. Ended up running on Cottonwood.

Team Fox and more information about
PD at Jam in the Park for Parkinson's.
Sun 9/23  4 miles on Cottonwood. A spectacular day was had at the Jam in the Park for Parkinson's. More to come soon. 

Total 16 1/2 miles in 4 runs

Week ending Sept 30

Tue 9/25 4 miles on Cottonwood

Wed 9/26 3 miles 

Sat 9/29  4 miles on Cottonwood

Sun 9/30  12 miles at Croft. A gain a little rearrangement of the pieces to make for a “new” run. I head out against the flow on the half-marathon course again, but turned into the end of Jerry Perry, running it in the opposite direction. I’ve only run it twice anyway, and it’s pretty obscure through much of it. Turn it the opposite direction and you made me happy. I love the cambered trail tread for strengthening my feet.

I was also able to run the last five miles or so of the half-marathon course in the right direction to finish the run. Though there are some tough climbs, it is net downhill, and all very runnable. I kept thinking about last year’s plan: go out conservative, and reel a whole bunch of folks in during those last five miles. 

But last year I had the opportunity to run and chat with Joan Nesbit Mabe, a two-time Olympic track runner. She’s a few months older than I am, and we had a great talk about family and running and raising our children. I felt lucky to be able to run with her; pushing hard through those early miles, though, really took it out of me. 

On a training run I generally run that first 4.75 miles to the spot where the first aid station is in about 45 minutes. I figured I’d run it in about 40-42 in the race (and will shoot for that again, I reckon). I ran 36 minutes with Joan Mabe. Again, it was well worth the pain at the end. A more conservative start should yield a faster time than last year, my only goal for the race at this point.

The last section is rutted and rooty, very technical especially at the end of the race. There are a few short climbs, but assuming your feet are good, you can run it pretty hard. 

from the riding ring: Palmetto to Fairforest Loop to Jerry Perry to New Edition to Lake Johnson-Fairforest Connector to Fairforest Loop to Palmetto.

Total: 23 miles in 4 runs
September total: 89 miles in 16 runs
Year-to-date: 1161 1/2 miles in 187 runs

Saw Ben Sollee in Asheville Saturday night. I don’t know much about him, but it was a great show and a great date with my Gorgeous. I took some crappy photos, and we recorded a few songs that may make it soon. This Tiny Desk concert gave C and me the push to go to the show.

A little different line-up with no violin and a guy playing guitars and bass, but you can tell how much they love playing music the way they do. Awesome show, and a cool direction for music based in Sollee's Eastern Kentucky roots.

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