Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weeks 36, 37: Increasing mileage

Week ending February 3, 2013

Thu 1/31  4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot. This has been an unhealthy living week so far. Felt good to get out and run after three busy evenings.

January total: 129 1/2 miles in 17 runs

Fri 2/1 4 miles on Cottonwood

Sat 2/2 7 miles at Croft

from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Fairforest Connector to Palmetto

Sun 2/3 14 miles at Croft. with a plan to run a 50K and a 20+ run each month, these weeks are, as I say, not target weeks. Today I met Cate and Scott to run one of my favorite loops that includes some of the longest climbs at Croft, and certainly a consistent pile of climbs. From the start I did not feel very good, dead legged and without much energy. Scott is training for Boston, and is feeling very fit. He danced ahead of us all day long. After contemplating cutting off my day, I finally realized I would not feel any worse, and just kept plugging along. The last three miles I rolled with Scott as much as I could, until the last two small climbs, when again he quit toying with me and dropped me quickly.

from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Lake to the little lake to TC’s to Palmetto

Total: 29 miles in 4 runs

Week ending Feb 10

Tue 2/5 4 miles, including 2 miles barefoot.

Wed 2/6 3 miles easy

Thu 2/7 7 miles at Croft. Bristol and I had to hustle to get out before dark, especially since I did not take a light. The speedier run felt great.

from Dairy Ridge: New Edition to Fairforest Connector to Palmetto

Sat 2/9 5 miles on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Q was auditioning for the dance program at the SC Governor’s School, located in downtown Greenville and right on the terrific Swamp Rabbit Trail. I had a nice little run on the trail. It felt pretty good to run on the flat, paved surface, and the mile markers let me keep things nice and slow, as I looked for keeping things over 8 minute miles. I failed at that, but 7:45 still felt nice and easy.

Sun 2/10 20 miles at Croft. Not a good day. I intended to run between 25 and 30 miles in two or three loops. The first loop (12 miles) felt ok, not great, and did not bode well. After a stop at the cars, and a great visit with C, who brought me potato chips, a coke, and kisses, I set off for lap 2. About 3 miles in, I crashed. I managed to drag myself through the shortened loop, with a stop at some picnic tables to sit and see if I could salvage something. 

from Dairy Ridge: First loop: Palmetto to TC's to little lake to Lake Johnson Connector to Palmetto; second loop: Palmetto to Lake Johnson connector to Palmetto

Total 39 miles in 5 runs

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